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Interlocking waves of potential

Global Leap Group (GL) operates worldwide as a high-end boutique consultancy firm.  We are based in Amsterdam. 

We generate a positive impact on your business

by building aligned cultures, quantum leaders, strong teams and a structure that supports the growth of your company's productivity, effectiveness, profitability and social impact. 

GL´s mission is to empower you, your company and people's highest potential by triggering positive change, supporting growth, and a harmonious integration and alignment with stakeholders, capabilities, tools, and other elements that bring your vision to life.  

GL´s vision is to generate a positive impact across all levels of society by supporting the shift of businesses mindsets and structures to ones that create positive impact and empower their people to live by example, touching and inspiring others to embrace their highest potential, creating a domino effect in the collective. 


Our partners grow an develp. They experience a change in mindset, behavior and culture, improving their way of relating, creating impact and finding joy in every step of the journey as a fun adventure.

Working Together

Founder of Global Leap Group

I am Leonor, the founder of Global Leap Group (GL).  I founded GL because I believe we have an opportunity to reshape the way we relate in our businesses to generate a positive impact in our lives and our society.

I provide 21 years of diverse work experience, bringing organisations and individuals to integration and clarity in the realisation of their vision.  These work experiences have given me strategic, tactical and operational knowledge. I acquired this experience in small, medium and large companies worldwide. 

An added value are my life experiences as a world citizen, professional crossfit athlete, and other special ones that have been sparked by quantum leaps and have gifted me with the ability to assist others find their purpose through higher consciousness leadership. 

My work passion is to empower Entrepreneurs, Founders, Companies and their people to turn dreams and ideas into reality. Creating positive impact and leading by example, touching and inspiring others to embrace their highest potential, creating a domino effect in the collective.   

GL´s unique value proposition is the interweaving of diverse change methodologies with a holistic quantum approach. Our diverse approach gives us the ability to tailor our services for each of our partners.  Together we consider different scenarios, selecting the optimal way to bring the best one to life.

GL’s diverse approach combined with quantum practices and techniques provides businesses with the empowering tools that are currently needed to embrace and thrive in this period of rapid change, chaos and uncertainty. 

I am excited to bring a diverse holistic quantum touch to you and your business and enable you to engage in quantum leaps. 

Are you curious?


GL's consultancy style

We trust in the energetic synergy that brings us together with our partners. We believe in playful co-creativity.  We listen, share and feel our way forward together through various possibilities, selecting one that best meets the needs of your business and all stakeholders, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. This allows us to support our partners in their evolution and the creation of their next contribution to their people and society. 


succesful projects

collaborative efforts



an innovative solution

Identified, led and implemented efficiencies & improvements for EMEA´s Immigration Team.


a story of success

Strategy, planning and implementation of efficiency & effectiveness tools for automatisation, policies, protocols, compliance, vendor & stakeholder management. Strategic, tactical & operational support for the revamping of the People Team infrastructure.


turning a new page

Strategy, planning and implementation of corporate re-organisations generating worldwide savings.


quantum physics for good

Co-creator of planetary evolution projects & development of quantum practices.

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